The Tangerine Dream Team has arrived! Leslie becomes official Hospitality and Technology Partner to Blackpool FC

Jan, 19 2022
The Tangerine Dream Team has arrived! Leslie becomes official Hospitality and Technology Partner to Blackpool FC

We’ve had a very exciting few weeks here at Leslie Towers. Some of you may know that our founder, Joey Barnett is a Blackpool boy and an avid Blackpool FC fan. So you can imagine his glee when he signed with the team. Not as a player, alas, (sorry Joey) but as an official Technology and Hospitality partner. 

Leslie is adding new customers all the time. We’re helping hospitality businesses of all sizes to streamline and simplify the way they take orders and serve their customers. But there was something extra special about this team-up with Blackpool FC. You see, Joey named Leslie after his late grandfather, Leslie Barnett, who was, himself, a highly driven entrepreneur. Our brand colours and logo reflect the late Mr Barnett’s highly successful business importing artificial flowers (have you noticed the petals?). 

Needless to say, Joey’s beloved grandfather and his wider Blackpool-based family are huge Blackpool FC supporters, so that’s why this all means so much to him.

Joey explained: I’m really excited to be supporting the Club with this sponsorship and working in partnership with the Club to improve the customer experience.”

And we haven’t stopped there. At Leslie, we always like to go one step further so we also supported Blackpool FC as an official kit sleeve sponsor for their 3rd round FA Cup game on Saturday 8 January. If only we could have also brought them the win … but you can’t have it all.

As part of the deal with The Seasiders, we’ll be offering our contactless ordering technology to those ordering drinks and food in the hotel and the Matthew Suite initially, with a view to rolling out our service across the stadium.

Stadiums and event spaces, where huge numbers of orders are coming in over a short period of time, sometimes struggle under the pressure of this high-volume ordering. Imagine a football game … everyone is drinking and eating before the game and during halftime. Over those periods, staff are under enormous pressure to get orders taken and drinks and food out to eager punters as quickly as possible. Imagine how Leslie could help.

Not only could it free up staff to provide a better level of service to customers, but it could help event attendees to order food and drinks in advance and collect at their leisure. Tipping also becomes easier, with Leslie providing drinkers and diners with a means to tip a particular member of staff directly, safe in the knowledge that the cash will find its way into their bank account, not into their boss’s wallet. 

We set Leslie up during the pandemic when mass-attendance events were banned. We’re now emerging from the dark days of the past couple of years and lots of us are enjoying the chance to get together with like-minded people in large numbers again. Whether it’s sports that float your boat, gigs that get your heart racing or festivals are more your thing, Leslie’s technology makes ordering, tipping and paying easier than ever.