It’s time to celebrate! Leslie founders up for awards!

Feb, 08 2022
It’s time to celebrate! Leslie founders up for awards!

Leslie’s founders up for Food Service Entrepreneur of the Year accolade at this year’s Food and Drink Heroes awards

Everyone here at Leslie Towers is incredibly proud of our founders Dovi and Joey, who have been shortlisted for the accolade of Food Service Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s Food and Drink Heroes awards. 

Despite being relative newcomers to the food service industry, Leslie is making its mark and this recognition shows that the hard work has paid off. According to the award organisers, finalists in this category: ‘demonstrate commitment and flair for the food and drink sector, and exhibit industry-honed skills to innovate and offer something unique in their field. 

‘Central to their success will be a sustained customer experience and satisfaction that makes them stand out from the competition.’

A bit about our founders…

For those that don’t know, Leslie was founded by Joey Barnett and Dovi David, who are both seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion for making life easier for hospitality business owners. Prior to co-founding Leslie, Joey spent the last 5 years focusing on investing, mentoring and advising early-stage start-ups. His business success is rooted in ambition, integrity and seizing the right opportunities at the right times.

Dovi’s background was in fintech, where he had already established several successful businesses and was firing on all cylinders by the time he went into business with Joey. Joey and Dovi share a child-like enthusiasm for, well, pretty much everything! And together they’ve created a game-changing tool for hospitality businesses.

What’s behind the Leslie brand?

Leslie food and drink service solution is all about helping hospitality businesses become more flexible, more dynamic and more adaptable. Dovi and Joey believe passionately that this is the key to business success. They know that Leslie improves service, generates sales and streamlines the whole foodservice process for their users. They want as many hospitality businesses as possible to experience life with Leslie. That’s why they’re ambitious about rolling our product out, both across the UK and overseas.

Leslie is named after Joey’s late grandfather, Leslie Barnett, who spent his whole life in Blackpool where he was born and raised. He was one of the very first people to import artificial flowers in the 1950s and went on to build an international business. His story inspires the entire Leslie ethos and brand.

Our logo features a brand mark of a line drawing representation of a tangerine-coloured flower. Tangerine is the colour of Blackpool Football Club and each petal within the brandmark corresponds to one of our four values; Reliability, Integrity, Making a difference and Energy, all of which lie at the very heart of Leslie, running through the veins of our brand, culture and business DNA.

We’ve always known we were on to something special with Leslie and now hundreds of business owners are finding out the benefits Leslie brings. The judges at the Food and Drink Heros Awards have their work cut out, as there are other fantastic food service businesses shortlisted, but we think we’re in with a great chance of walking away with the award. Wish us luck!