Is it time to redesign your restaurant?

Mar, 07 2022
Is it time to redesign your restaurant?

One of the many consumer behaviours that the pandemic has served to accelerate is our desire to get takeaways! Most of us were always fans of takeout food, but attitudes to at-home dining have changed, perhaps forever.

Many of us used to view takeaways as VERY guilty pleasures, or a less satisfying alternative to eating out, most of us now cherish our takeouts almost as much as visiting our favourite eateries. Restaurants, pubs and cafes have been noticing a huge shift towards demand for at-home dining, through either collection or delivery, and are now changing the way they use their space to reflect this. Could it be time for you to change your restaurant design?

Eating in is the new eating out

Major studies by both Mintel and KPMG have found that the demand for takeout foods has grown to even higher levels than during the height of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Statistics show that the value of the takeaway food delivery market in the UK will grow to £12.6bn by 2024, up significantly from a high of £11.4bn at the height of the pandemic, in 2020. There are a huge number of reasons behind the trend, such as:

  • People enjoy staying in more
  • People are spending less on travel and leisure in general
  • Takeout is seen as less expensive than eating out
  • More food outlets are offering takeaway foods
  • Ordering has become more hassle-free
  • Delivery apps incentivise repeat orders

And, as the demand for takeout food increases, restaurants, cafe and pubs are adapting to meet these demands. One of the ways that restaurants are adapting – and this particularly applies to businesses operating in city centres where collection and delivery are quick and easy – is by allocating kitchen space and even front-of-house space to at-home dining, collection and deliveries, and less to customers who are dining in. 

Could your space be repurposed for takeaway?

If your takeaway sales have soared over the past couple of years, it might be time to consider how best to use the space you have in your restaurant premises. Are your kitchen staff struggling to keep up with demand for takeaway orders in your tiny kitchen? Are delivery drivers and takeaway customers clogging up your front-of-house? If you’re facing these kinds of game-changing adjustments to how you’re making your money, it’s time to re-evaluate your use of space.

Removing space from your restaurant dining area to up the size of your kitchen could allow you to bring in more staff to help meet growing demand for at-home dining. Similarly, re-allocating space in your dining room, to make a clear area for those waiting for takeaway orders will have a positive impact on your diners AND your takeaway customers. 

Here at Leslie, we believe in adaptability. When it comes to running a hospitality business, success is often driven by your ability to give your customers what they want. You may not have opened your restaurant with the view to prioritising takeout, but consumers have changed and so must you. 

Leslie can help empower your staff to provide personal service to your loyal diners while freeing up their time to help process takeaway orders. With the help of Leslie, which can take care of menus and ordering, your staff are free to work across a number of roles as you diversify your offering. 

Even if your dining room isn’t as full as it once was, if you’re willing to diversify, you can thrive in the post-pandemic world. An open mind is all it takes.