Hospitality startup Leslie launches in the United States

Jan, 19 2022
Hospitality startup Leslie launches in the United States

Hospitality Startup Leslie Launches in the United States

Leslie is a UK-based tech startup offering a unique on-table ordering system for foodservice and hospitality companies. Today, the pioneering brand has announced its expansion into the U.S. just 12 weeks following its initial U.K. launch.

More specifically, the company offers customers a simple and more efficient way to order, tip, and pay at a restaurant by utilizing QR code technology. In addition, the new tech does not require users to download an app to use the service. As a result, customers can enjoy a seamless checkout process, using their smartphones to pay their bills instantly. The contactless system has attracted investment from KKR Co-Founder Henry Kravis, Zip Founder Larry Diamond, and Middleby Corporation.

“On the heels of the traction we are already seeing in the UK from our exclusive partnership between Middleby and Leslie, I’m excited to see this flourish in the US market as well. We believe technology like Leslie is the key to increasing safety and efficiency while creating an all-around excellent customer experience,” said Chris Jones, European President of Middleby Corporation.